Copyight Seabreeze Estate Management LLC 2019

Stuart Bell, Trustee

Campana PB Trust

120 Canterbury Lane

Palm Beach, FL 33480


Mr. Scott Gordon

Seabreeze Estate Management & Concierge Services




Please allow this letter to both serve as a reference for your company and to convey to you my complete satisfaction and appreciation of your services.


I currently have a winter home in Palm Beach. It is approximately 1 acre of land and about 11,000 square feet. I bought the home about 5 years ago. My prior property management company did an adequate but not exceptional job. They were prompt in addressing emergency situations, however, there was a list a mile long of non-emergency items and projects that remained on my “to do” list for years. I always felt like the non-emergency items were being ignored because they were not urgent. There was also very little attention paid to the meticulous details of keeping a house looking perfect (which is what my wife and I want).


I hired Seabreeze in the spring of 2014 and almost immediately my list of projects and enhancements began to be addressed. Leaks were fixed; electrical and audio visual issues were addressed; outside decks were regrouted; and inside surfaces were resealed. I provided the same list of projects that were previously ignored for multiple years and Seabreeze got them all accomplished within months.


In addition, Seabreeze developed a weekly and monthly inspection regimen (which is critically important in the summer since no one is there). Reports are sent to me weekly telling me that they were actually in the house, checked all of the systems, and made a complete visual inspection. This give me great peace of mind that some small problem does not grow into a big one! Even more important though, is Seabreeze’s attention to detail. Seabreeze believes that the house should be perfect. And to that end, they address all items big and small. They recommended repairing wood floors where they had been gouged; they recommended interior and exterior touch up painting where walls had been scratched; they recommended adjusting doors and gates that had settled; and, they recommended power washing outdoor surfaces that had stained.


I look very much forward to continuing our business relationship with Seabreeze Estate Management & Concierge Services.




Stuart Bell



Dear Scott,


We have been truly fortunate to have you devote so much time and effort on our behalf in overseeing the successful renovation of our new apartment in Palm Beach. You have also assisted us in making our move down to Florida as easy as possible. Your cheerful and optimistic attitude has helped us through some of the more challenging times. Most important, you have made us feel welcome to a new community.


Best Wishes,


Judy Lewent & Mark Shapiro